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A transforming
treatment journey for MSK disorders

Unlocking the Future of Musculoskeletal Care: AI-Powered & Patient-Centered

Quantifying and Optimizing Healthcare

A comprehensive treatment journey through our all-in-one platform

A comprehensive treatment journey through our all-in-one platform

AI Assessment

This cutting-edge assessment leverages advanced algorithms and data analytics to provide accurate, unbiased, and consistent evaluations.

& Prediction

Enhanced clinical decision-making through vision AI analytics is transforming how healthcare providers approach their decision-making processes


Treatment plans customized for individual needs


Configurable exercises and tailored AI feedback


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& Promoting

Early detection and timely intervention through continuous monitoring

Computer Vision AI+ Big Data for a New Paradigm in MSK Care

Accurate assessment

with real-time movement tracking

Data-driven movement analysis

facilities comprehensive MSK treatment, preventative screening, and wellness programming

Quantitative metrics

inform clinical reasoning, improve patient understanding, and drive engagement to enhance and expedite outcomes

Removes barriers

by providing a sophisticated telemedicine platform without the need for wearables using external sensor-based hardware

We collaborate with your team to enhance patient-centered care.

  • Physical Therapists

    A portable biomechanics lab for physical therapists

  • Orthopedic Surgeons

    Motion Capture Technology

  • Sports Medicine Professionals

    A portable biomechanics lab for sports medicine professionals

  • Athletic Trainers

    A portable biomechanics lab for athletic trainers

  • Fitness Professionals

    Computer vision motion analysis for dynamic fitness training

  • Acupuncturists

    Accessible motion capture technology and patient education tools for acupuncturists

  • Virtual Providers

    Virtual Healthcare Providers - Patient education and engagement anywhere

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